Francisco Canet Tomás founded Modapiel in 1969. He created the magazine with the purpose of bringing independent, professional information to readers. Francisco’s experience in the publishing business led him to detect there was a need for such a publication, and today – 50 years later – his initiative is still thriving, proving he was right.

Modapiel&Accessories is currently managed by Francesc Canet Lobera, one of the founder’s sons. He keeps alive that original spirit of the magazine, and says, “Throughout the years the magazine has gone through various stages in its evolution in terms of content and images, but we have always preserved the original goal of bringing readers news about their business sector, with true, objective, professional information about both national and international markets”. This is how the Director defines the magazine today.

In our days markets are always changing, increasingly competitive, and not everyone makes it to the 50th anniversary landmark. New technologies multiply the ways people find out what’s going on in the world, and consumer habits are so different from what they used to be. Only a few publishing businesses have been able to adapt to these changes. Modapiel&Accessories is a leading name in its sector, in both print and online versions.

The trade fair
Modapiel&Accessories addresses everyone in the footwear marketing sector: retailers, wholesalers, sales agents, etc. Prensa Técnica, the publisher, started planning Estil&Moda Barcelona in 2014, thus adding the trade fair to its product and services portfolio. The 54th Estil&Moda Barcelona will be held at Cúpula las Arenas on September 22nd and 23rd. The 50th anniversary of the magazine was announced and celebrated during the past edition of the trade fair (March 17th and 18th), in the most special way planned by Joan Fran Escaparatista, the company in charge of visual reminders of the 50th anniversary of Modapiel&Accessories during the fair. “We chose to place the first four covers of the magazine on one side in a straight line, and the last four in a more dynamic layout on the other, held by two large hands for a visual impact. We used yellow and orange raffia on those hands, to catch the eye of passersby. Between the two groups of magazine covers we placed a large “50” at a different level. It was a visual space, designed to celebrate the past and focus on the present of the magazine”, Joan Fran ex plains.

The planners of Estil&Moda Barcelona are considering additional actions for this coming edition next September, as Modapiel&Accessories celebrates its 50th anniversary with all those who are a part of the sector. “This is an important anniversary and we feel enthusiastic about sharing it with everyone else. We will think about the many celebration choices, and will surely find one that will help us share with everyone”, said Francesc Canet.

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