Exé Shoes

The company breaks the traditional moulds and finds inspiration in the Western style, adapting it to trendy looks of today. Boots and booties are the stars of this collection while high heels and sneakers come second and enrich the collection.
This season style points towards Cuban heels and pointed shoe tips, so boots and booties remind us of the pure Cowboy style, wild and daring. In combination with this trend, animal print patterns, which may harmoniously combine with the Cowboy style in the lizard and snakeskin versions, are a great hit. Though unusual, white has its own, important place, in sophisticated but minimalist styles, reinforcing looks with colour contrasts.
The upper and medium-height heels create a gap with past seasons, leaning towards new trends that call for comfort and contrast between basic styles with very daring effects.
The collection is versatile and is sure to match all kinds of outfits and personal styles. As an example, It Girls create amazing combinations, from oversized T-shirts with high heels, to Boho-Chic dresses with booties.
The first impression when finding out about this collection is the rich variety of perceptions and sensorial effects, created by the combination of materials and textures.

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