The Igi&Co “Made in Italy” project is founded on principles of wellness, high-performance technology, stylistic research, and Italian flair. Our shoes are made using carefully-selected leather and are characterised by their lightweight, flexibility and breathability.
Igi&Co products are suitable for use in all situations, not just indoors but in a wide variety of outdoor environments and are designed to meet the endless professional and travel needs of everyday life, be it in a professional setting or for active leisure time.
The collaboration with Gore-Tex increases the performance of the entire line thanks to its high-tech patents that allow the production of breathable, waterproof, and absolutely comfortable footwear.

Product Plus
Real leather: the leather used by Igi&Co in both the upper and lining is of the highest quality, carefully selected to ensure maximum comfort and hygiene.
Comfortable: antishock materials give added protection at the heel and the lining is padded for extra comfort.
Removeable insole: Igi&Co shoes, where production allows, are endowed with a comfortable and functional removeable anatomical insole, that guarantees great wellbeing and healt of the foot.
Lightweight: the sole is made of blend of selected lightweight materials. During the production process, micro air bubbles form inside the sole which makes it lighter.
Flexible: the sole and upper are carefully attached using techniques which guarantee maximum flexibility. At the flex point of the shoe, the insole contains a highly elastic insert.
Made in Italy: Italian footwear has long been synonymous with quality and style all over the world thanks to Italy’s long-standing manufacturing traditions, innovative design, and the love and expertise that goes into the selection of materials.

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