The distant sound of African hand drums can be heard when you look at this collection. Africa Soul reflects the soul of the black continent. It is a fashionable journey back to the origin.

Traditional weaving techniques, elaborate embroidery and geometric patterns are the inspiration for the ethnically inspired models. Whether clogs or espadrilles, wedges or sandals – Tribal is trendy. At Tamaris, African tribal art moves between fashion and folklore and surprises with fashionable new interpretations. Here wood heels meet raffia heels and knotted details meet coarse hand seams. Cords and rope straps are used as elaborate lacings that end with metallic decors or fringes.

The picturesque beauty of Africa provides the basis for a wide range of natural earth tones and strong spice colours that are used in the collection. A lively African Red acts as an optical highlight while Black and Offwhite provide exciting contrasts.

– Geometric Ethno Patterns and Tribals
– Ethnic and folkloric influences
– Traditional weaving techniques
– Heels made of wood and bast
– Hand-sewn and knotted details
– Cords and rope straps as lacings
– Metal decors and fringes
– Shoe types: Clogs, wedges, espadrilles, sandals
– Colours: African Red, Black, Offwhite

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