Genuins is a committed brand, known for its care of people, so footwear collections by this company are designed with much more than esthetics in mind. Ethics merges with art, as two important concepts, to give way to elegance in designs that stand out for their beauty, comfort, and sustainability.

These are differentiating values that are reflected in the carbon footwear certificate granted to Genuins for some of its product lines, and in the quality seal of vegan products.
The company’s concern for our environment is the reason behind a line of products made from recycled plastic, treated to become Genuins Home, the brand of homewear felt slippers.

Genuins is also very active in the corporate social responsibility area and minimizes the impact of its business on ecosystems and our planet. Business and sensitivity are shown in concern for the environment and human health, most specifically in quality work conditions for the team of professionals and workers involved in the design and production of footwear by this brand.

As a name known for innovation, Genuins’ large factory in Elche is the workplace of expert shoemakers specialized in anatomically designed footwear soles.
Without a doubt, Genuins has reinterpreted the concept of bio-healthy footwear, in collections that enhance design and select advanced, innovative materials.

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