Drucker, the brand owned by Calzapedic boasting more than 45 years in the comfort footwear sector, has known how to adapt and evolve to meet clients’ changing needs. “In our early beginnings we used to manufacture products that focused on comfort and special widths. However, today our collection is conceived with every other aspect that is relevant to women of today: fashion, comfort, selected materials used to develop our products”, says José Manuel Teruel, the director of this company.

The key properties of Drucker footwear are, “the quality, selected leathers we use, and the fit of lasts for after three decades we can say that our experience enable us to be completely sure of what makes our shoes comfortable and ideal for all women. Above all, we have been able to make shoes with exchangeable sole pads as fashionable as any other shoe”, Teruel explains.

Drucker’s main clients are women seeking comfortable footwear but without compromising design, with that touch that makes them feel young and dynamic. For them, the company has prepared attractive styles for this coming 2020 spring-summer season. The director of this business explains, “Our new collection brings 90 different footwear styles, many of them combining colours, in various versions so we can reach all consumer types, from the classic to the more daring. The collection is meant to make women stand out for their shoes, with an urban look. So we have used materials with metallic details, to enhance their image when walking. For those who prefer bolder styles, we have fantasy leather with zebra print patterns, and multicolour designs with a modern, cool look”.

Drucker has relied on Spanish markets for more than 45 years, and 70% of all footwear produced is sold in Spain. However, the brand is also known in several European countries importing Drucker footwear: United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Russia. Today the company is opening new markets like Canada and Australia.

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