Gallery SHOESGallery SHOES vom 10. bis 12. März 2019Gallery SHOES from 10 March to 12 March 2019

Well-established, appreciated and innovative: this is the Gallery, the international fashion trade show of Igedo Company. The venue Areal Böhler selected for the order platform in Düsseldorf allows all segments –Agencies and Premium Brands, Contemporary, Design and Avantgarde, Accessories and Shoes as well as Evening & Occasion– to be presented at the same time and place.
Each season in excess of 800 high-quality brands are staged stylishly. The Gallery Team headed by Ulrike Kähler, General Manager/Project Director Gallery & Gallery Shoes, extends the portfolio of exhibitors every season.

Selected side events round off the ranges at the Gallery. These include not only collection presentations and panel talks but also the Gallery Trendview for the coming season. Gallery Shoes has an exciting vibe with an open, extremely varied, individual roundup of brands that are fascinating, impressive and highly modern. This is where the industry comes together to inform themselves, place orders, re-order and maintain their networks.

At Gallery Shoes more than 550 high-quality brands and over 350 exhibitors from more than 20 countries are stylishly set in scene. The team, headed by Ulrike Kähler, Managing Director / Project Director Gallery & Gallery Shoes, expands the exhibitor portfolio every season. The following segments will be shown at the Areal Böhler for Gallery Shoes: Premium Zone, Contemporary Zone, Urban Zone, Comfort Zone und Kids’ Zone.

Ulrike Kähler, Managing Director of the Igedo Company and Project Director of the tradeshow formats in Düsseldorf, concluded the past Gallery Shoes edition on a positive note: “The event attracted an estimated 9,800 professional visitors, a healthy and encouraging figure that would have been even higher were it not for the serious storm situation in the region of North Rhine- Westphalia and large parts of Germany on Sunday afternoon, which caused travel problems and necessary safety measures to be taken on the grounds. As early as Sunday morning there was already a good flow of visitors and the halls of the Areal Böhler were very busy. And the same can be said for the whole of Monday.” Upcoming Dates for Gallery Shoes: 20-22 July (Showroom Concept: 19-23 July) and 1-3 September.

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