We must go back to the beginning of it all if we want to learn and understand more about Hit The Ground and Goundhitters. The lifestyle and philosophy that goes hand in hand with Sanyako.

It is about a special way of experiencing the world, a full perspective of life, to live it in full. It is never to let yourself be caught by what’s already established, what you’ve learned as you were growing up.

It is about looking forward to what’s beyond, about believing in your experiences and ideas, your projects. It is about hitting first, being the first, whatever you do! That’s what is means to be a Groundhitter.

The lightning bolt with its immeasurable power will hit the ground so hard, effectively, definitely breaking it all and leaving its mark. So will Goundhitters hit: with their minds, their actions, their ideas…and they’ll be the first to do it, leaving their footprint behind. Because they follow their instincts and will never betray it, they believe in what they do, come what may. That’s the Hit The Ground spirit. Make your choice, and live the way you want, walk the paths you choose, find out what your perspective is, always from above and being the first in everything, making it your own. They say that he that hits first will hit twice. And it’s real, because he that hits first has the advantage of seeing it all before any others, from above.

So Sanyako is the symbol of strength, of the power to fight, a concept expressing a lifestyle and perspective. Goundhitters: Hit the Ground!

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