NeroGiardini DONNA A909673D 100

NeroGiardini was founded as a small shoemaking business, back in 1975. Today it is a leading name in its industry sector, with a large international footprint. The latest fashion trends, the most advanced technologies, excellent customer service and proficient craftsmanship represent and back every essential value of the Made in Italy concept, always present in NeroGiardini shoes.

The Italian company has conceived and designed a collection for this 2019-2020 autumn-winter season with its well-known focus on quality, style, and passion, and thinking of dynamic and elegant women, of casual and contemporary men. New structures, materials, colours and styles conjugate in this proposal reflecting attention to detail and fashion, created for men and women who seek the ideal shoe for every occasion.

New NG collection, new showroom
Some months ago, NeroGiardini started working on a new project: the new NG collection, addressing young, trendy people. Nello speaks for NeroGiardini when he explains to us that “NG is a young, dynamic, trendy collection, presenting new materials”.

The Italian company already presented the new NG 2019-2020 autumn-winter collection to international clients and media, and as it was widely acclaimed, the firm is already working on a more extensive collection for the coming 2020 summer season.

Along with these novelties NeroGiardini also opened new showrooms, located in the Grup Pell building in Barcelona. Clients will find their every need is met in this place.

B2B business
NeroGiardini has invested heavily – some 15 million Euros – in B2B business with the purpose of serving orders within 72 hours in Europe. As the company’s products are not sold online, the company wants stores to be able to offer consumers whatever style they want. A comprehensive study about B2B and its advantages revealed that stores can grow sales by up to 30%.

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