Luz Ferrao is a brand of leather footwear and accessories combining style, personality, and fashion, always enveloped in superior quality and original designs. Because every style is produced in small series and this guarantees exclusive designs that contribute the added value of original models clients buy.

Since 2004 Luz Ferrao has been offering leather shoes and purses created in its very own style and design, and made with quality materials in limited editions, with personalized service reaching every corner in Europe. Throughout these fifteen years, the brand has always offered exclusive design, comfort, and quality, translated into glamour clients can wear.

The casual, urban style of Luz Ferrao designs is suitable for all times of day, as footwear is oriented to independent, ageless women who love their femininity, confident dreamers who like to look cool. Footwear reflects their personality without compromising quality or comfort. Purses, messenger bags, wallets, backpacks and a number of other accessories conjugate with footwear to complete the perfect image.

The identity of this brand is a design style combining textures and colours according to artisanship methods, in daring creations that look confident, stylish. This footwear is unique, in leather, suede, with rhinestones enhanced with crafted embroidery patterns. A true explosion of colour, the perfect fit in sizes 34 to 44.

Comfort is guaranteed by anatomically studied design and sole pads that adapt to the needs of the foot. Footwear is suitable for work whenever there is a need for a correct posture, as in various sectors, including healthcare, hostelry, wellness, esthetics. As shoes are non-slip and extremely light, the particular and innovative design of Luz Ferrao shoes turns them into the best foundation.

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