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Investing in their own brands is one of the priorities of Portuguese footwear companies. In accordance to information by GAPI (the Office in support of Industrial Property) at the Footwear Technology Centre, 238 new footwear brands have been created in Portugal since 2010.

In 2018, for instance, 24 new brands were created according to GAPI, a structure within the CTCP created in partnership with and led by INPI (the National Institute of Industrial Property) that works towards promoting Industrial Property (PI) in footwear companies and the overall sector. The goal is to strengthen competitiveness by means of innovation and differentiation.

Of the 238 brands created over the past eight years, the larger portion – more specifically 178 – were registered as belonging to the EC and only 60 were registered as Portuguese.

A strategic decision
These efforts towards strengthening and promoting Portuguese brands are among priorities defined in the FOOTure 2020 Strategic Plan: “In spite of image growth attained by Portuguese footwear, the reality continues to show a cluster of variety so we need to mobilize skills, those used to build the collective image on the part of companies. Companies need assistance in the development of image campaigns and personalized communication plans, in hiring communication agencies, in taking part in showrooms abroad, among other actions. We must also help them improve their domestic image, so important when defining their relationship with visiting buyers. In some cases, creating their own brands will be the jewel in the crown following all of this”, the plan states.

Brands are strongly supported
More than 60 companies in the footwear sector have made good use this past year of a project promoted by APICCAPS (the Portuguese Association of Companies in the Footwear, Leather items, Components and Substitutes sectors). This project involves adding value to what they have to offer, supported by the Compete 2020 programme.

In fact, over the past years APICCAPS has been intensely active in its support of taking Portuguese footwear companies to international markets, more specifically regarding their participation in international trade fairs and exhibitions and the recent “Portuguese Shoes” promotional image campaign. Since early 2015 APPICAPS has helped companies promote their own brands, and more recently, regarding digital marketing campaigns. Support and actions are within the frame of the current communications campaigns, and the Compete 2020 programme.

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