2014 spring season trends

Cavex  presented trends for the 2014 spring season: neutral, white, primary colours, natural materials and flowers for footwear.

2014 Spring- Summer trends

2014 Spring- Summer trends

Companies grouped in Cavex (Footwear Exporters of Valencia) bring us the keys to trends in 2014.

Colour palettes expand, to add luminous turquoise, salmon, bronze, gold and platinum along with citrus and fluor, which continue to be trendy.

Natural materials like jute or wood and metalized leathers are also among proposals by these companies.

Details include floral and tropical print patterns, red, white and navy blue striped with anchors, bows and nautical details 

Sandals continue to rule the summer season though now they feature ankle straps with jewels, Roman style, and shoes are slimmer, in various heights, with hidden wedges for comfortable wear. Boots and booties in washed, worn leather are also present.

Boots are for summer too

Boots are for summer too

Footwear for kids are filled with colours, fluorescent details and glitter.

Jute soles in sandals, and animal prints like giraffe skin with fuchsia spots, toucan, multicolour zebra skins are among the trends for kids this coming summer.

Children's footwear

Children's footwear

Metallized, canvas, fringes and tassels, palm trees, summer cruises are among the motifs.

The Director of Cavex, Clara Aura,commented, “Companies carry out excellent, in-depth  research work, study and design projects to materialize trends in the shoes for 2014. Hard work is combined with design, quality and fashion”.


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