MICAM inaugural evening “Envy is in the heel” and MICAM Award ceremony

Between February 10th and 13th Fiera Milano Rho will be the venue for what has been described as a trade fair “preserving its strong international vocation and its major influence in the sector”, according to Annarita Pilloti, President of Assocalzaturifici, promoting the fair. She also added, “In fact, when the Italian Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Di Maio visited us, we asked him to consider granting the best and most possible resources to small businesses, and to reduce taxes and Social Security contributions in their case. It is the only way these companies can pay higher salaries to their employees, and be more competitive, investing, generating wealth and promoting consumption. We also told him that it is important to eliminate sanctions on Russia, for they have a negative impact on the number of Russian buyers participating in the event. And we also asked him to see to compliance with European laws for country-or-origin labels, to protect the excellence of this industry sector”.
The past edition welcomed 45,424 visitors, with 27,242 coming from abroad (+1.6%) and 18,152 Italians (+4.3%). There were also many more professionals from China, Hong Kong and North America. In terms of European countries, Spain evidenced a promising growth by 10%, while France, Germany and Russia had slightly fewer representatives.
This January a new area will open, PLUG-Mi, for those with a passion for sneakers. The original format has been specifically designed to address Millennials, for sneakers have become a symbol of social position, the must-haves. This new area will show the most revolutionary trends, already promoting new consumer habits.

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