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Beppi is a Portuguese company founded in 1981. It markets footwear and accessories for the whole family, always elegant and comfortable. The extensive range of footwear comprises casual shoes, sandals, sneakers, slippers and accessories. “We make products for men, women and children, though today our most important line is footwear for children making up almost 70% of our total production volumes. This market segment is not truly served by companies, and we found an opportunity for Beppi”, explains Nuno Maia, General Director of this company.

While focusing on footwear for kids Beppi has created an interesting series of novelties. “We launched a more extensive range of footwear choices for children and teens in leather, synthetic and textile materials. And present Moonlight and Play Led, two lines of footwear created with a focus on children’s needs and activities, based on the latest technologies so they can play, jump…with full guarantees of wearing quality shoes at all times”, Maia comments.

Beppi aims to reach international markets with these great footwear styles for children, and the director tells us, “It is hard for parents to buy good footwear for kids, both at traditional stores and on line, and we confirmed the problem is the same in almost every country. This is a reality that contributes to Beppi’s presence in South American markets, where our footwear for children is sold”. In terms of Spain, Maia points out that “Spanish markets make up 20% of our total invoicing”.

However, Beppi does not think footwear for men and women is less important, though the director explains, “that is a hard, highly competitive market, with powerful economies, so we continue to produce footwear for men and women though at this time, footwear for children is our most important business line”.

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