THUNDERBOLT CLASSIC is Sanyako’s No.1 style par excellence, and offers and perfect combination of balanced design, quality, and comfort.

The CLASSIC style by this brand featured laces on the lower upper, and a balanced combination of fabric and nubuck, superior grain cowhide that feels like suede, while the vulcanized soles feature design details and non-slip texture.

The iconic THUNDERBOLT CLASSIC is the basis of this brand and will continue to amaze us this next 2020 spring-summer season with a rich palette, in which black and white stand out, as do red, khaki and blue, all of them with the usual white thunderbolt logo. The attractive design of this sneaker and the typical white thunderbolt come in a variety of colour and material combinations. Sankayo makes it possible for every fan of this brand to find the most suitable and perfect combination adapting to their personal taste and preference.

The thunderbolt and reflection on both sides of THUNDERBOLT CLASSIC makes it balanced, with a look of strength, action, direction, conveying the solid personality of the brand. The design is inspired in Japanese culture and tradition, reflecting the use of universal vital energy for positive results, surrounding us and always present in our lives.

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