K10861521 Vendula The George Grace bag copia

The company takes pride in its more than 40 years of expertise, in the design, production and marketing of purses and accessories. The philosophy of Torrens Hermanos is based on quality, design, and customer service. As a result, products offer consumers a very attractive quality-price ratio.

Torrens is known above all for its design in purses made from different materials (synthetic, leather, etc.) and in a variety of colours. Purses address consumers of all ages (hand purses, purses for every-day use, elegant, backpack purses, and more). All items are practical and very functional, ideal for every situation.

The classic line of purses is headed by items that are timeless, never out of fashion, reflecting personality and design. These classic products are made from quality materials, designed in accordance to the most widely chosen shapes for their functionality, elegance, and comfort.

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